Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Could Sewage be the issue to bring us Amalgamation?

Sewage, like water, is an easy issue to clearly say affects us all. We need the same level of service. If we are going to pump it into the ocean, we might as well all do so. If we are going to treat it, clearly it should be the same system.
Colwood politicians have shown us clearly, just how poor our region is governed. The issue is about good government not what is best for me or saving money.

Colwood politicians have given us an immediate negative reaction to an idea, for a regional sewer plant in their municipality, which has simply been suggested.

The reaction has within days, taken us from working towards the hopefully best solution for the region, to beginning talks with neighbouring municipalities to see if they can devise a sewage solution for the West Shore on their own.
Are you kidding me? Apparently not.

A city should absolutely have counsellors concerned about the people and focused on finding a good solution for all. But to have the ability to say, I do not like what you want so we are doing what we want it the very epitome of poor municipal government for us all.

Maybe we should put a plant in the middle of Oak Bay as suggested by Colwood Mayor David Saunders. Let us see what it costs for the land, and if it the location will work for the discharge and the collection of sewage. I expect the land costs alone would sink the idea.

The West Shore is not owned by David Saunders nor even the people that live there as opposed to those who live in View Royal. It is our regional land and we must work together for the common good. This reaction is exactly why Greater Victoria is not as successful as it could be. I did not say Victoria was not successful, but it could be so much more.

We continually notice that we do not seem to get our fair share of federal and provincial grants/supports. This is in large part due to the fact that it is not one major city asking for help, it is rather 13 small communities, which cannot always work together.

As was commented on by others, the Hartland Land fill is in Saanich and benefits everyone. Should Colwood now set up their own landfill? Of course not.

We need one, or at most three municipal governments in our area. Or maybe I am wrong. What good logic is there to suggest that the 13 municipalities should each go on their own, or with the friends they chose, to deal with such fundamental issues?

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South Island said...

Hi James, thanks for listening to my suggestions! Hopefully I didn't come across as rude. The light blue is a great colour.

You are dead on the money that sewage will be a major issue that will (or is) highlight(ing) the need for amalgamation. Policing is another one. The Peter Lee inquest is on hold but it will start up again eventually. I am really curious to hear what recommendations come out of that inquest.

All the best, Dave