Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rest of Canada sees us as one City


This is the link to Frank Stanford's comment on Apr 28, 2009 about MONEYSENSE magazine ignoring the fractured state of our city and referring to all of us (from Sooke to Sidney) as Victoria.

I could not say it better. My only added comment is that it is not just this one magazine that recognises us as a single entity, the majority of Canada does. Can you imagine telling a friend from Winnipeg that you live in Saanich rather than Victoria? Of course not.

Canada post certainly has no difficulty in considering most of us in Victoria. Most newswire stories will refer to us as Victoria. A national story running on the late night news is not likely going to refer to View Royal, they will tell Canadians that the news occurred in Victoria.

It reminds me, that Peter C. Newman, who use to live in Saanich, would have gone in the opposite direction. He set out his address as living in “Cordova Bay” rather than Saanich. If View Royal makes sense as a separate municipality, maybe we should divide Saanich into 8 new towns. Or not.

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