Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traffic restrictions are different on either side of City Boarders

There are roads which go between municipalities, in case you did not notice. It recently became apparent that the rules of the roads will change once a vehicle hits one of the many invisible barriers.

In the case of one road between Central Saanich and Saanich, trucks over 5500 kilograms can drive up to the boarder in Central Saanich, but cannot drive along the same road once it reaches Saanich.

Due to a problem for the use of some land in Central Saanich, the counsel there agreed that it was appropriate to make some changes to the road which approaches the land, currently owned by the Rendle family. However, to access the road which Central Saanich is changing, one has to drive on Saanich Roads. Saanich counsel of course has neither interest nor incentive to do anything.

Why should Saanich care? It will cost money to make any changes and simply benefit a neighboring municipality.

Saanich did care enough to pay for new signs to be posted, making it clear that it was illegal for large trucks to use their roads.

This is not the way to manage a city and its roads. The capital needs to amalgamate.