Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emergency Preparation is for everyone not just downtown

The City of Victoria is advertising Emergency Preparedness week and things to do along with a list of items they suggest you have. These can be picked up at Victoria City municipal locations. But there is no advertising for what the residents in the other twelve municipalities should do or how they get their information.

Regardless of whether one thinks it is a good use of money to advertise the issue, you have to agree that if there is a major emergency in Victoria there will be one everywhere in the capital region. Thus, why is one of the thirteen municipalities advertising to the whole region on this issue and not the others?

Of course it would be the epitome of silliness to hear thirteen different radio ads, all with a similar but slightly different message on preparing for an earthquake. The media would certainly like the advertising revenue.

It just points out more issues (both emergency preparedness and advertising) that cross all local boarders. We should all be working on this together.

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