Thursday, April 23, 2009

Volunteer Firefighters take a little longer when it is after hours

In March, 2009, the Saanich Pioneer Log Museum was the victim of arson in Central Saanich. The fire chief of the VOLUNTEER fire department, Ron French, is said to have commented: "Once we got there it didn't take us long [to put the fire out]." Though the response time was a little longer, being as it was after hours on a Friday night. "That's the volunteer program after hours," French explained.

The capital of the Province of British Columbia has some areas protected by volunteers. While those volunteers are without a doubt, dedicated and resourceful, one cannot help but wonder if a regional fire department, paid to protect us all, might not have a problem dealing with fires “after hours”.

Most of us travel throughout the Greater Victoria Area for work, pleasure, visiting, recreation, parties etc. It would be nice to know that we have a consistent level of professional fire and police assistance available throughout the area. However we do not.

Just another reason amalgamation would benefit us all.

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