Thursday, April 9, 2009

Support Amalgamation

If you support the following idea:

“We, the undersigned, support the amalgamation of the municipality in which we live with some or all of the municipalities in the greater Victoria Region. We demand that the Province of British Columbia take steps to determine and implement the best organization of the 13 municipalities in the Greater Victoria Region to provide for less and better government."

Then sign the petition, on line at


Bernard von Schulmann said...

For debate on the issue

Also, someone said there was a problem with the petition function

South Island said...

I think the lessgov web site is dead. There have not been any updates on it for years.

I'm glad you've started the blog, especially with the election coming.

James Legh said... is still up, it is just that no one has been promoting it. I think there are about 2700 people who have signed up.

South Island said...

My point is that no updates are happening. On November 23, 2008, I sent the following email to

"What is going on with the web site? Is this organisation still actively pushing for almagamation or what? Are you recruiting members?"

No one even responded. The web site is still asking for financial donations. I am wary of sending them any money without seeing some kind of significant activity or update on the web site.


James Legh said...

Sorry about the lack of response on the lessgov website. The person "in charge" seems to have left the area. I agree you should be wary of sending money. I would hold off until a plan is in place. Hopefully soon.