Saturday, October 24, 2009

Graffiti – The artists travel but the Police do not

In the core, there are graffiti police specialists for Saanich, Oak Bay and Victoria. Each tracks the “art” and can tell if the same artist is involved in multiple tags. They keep their own data basis of information.

Their dream? A regional electronic graffiti database. Something the whole region could access so they could track vandalism in a timely manner and hopefully stop it.
This would not be a dream in an amalgamated city. There would be no hope that something might be done. No, there would be one data base as there would only be one police department.

So until common sense prevails, graffiti taggers can prolong their reign by rotating their tags through the municipalities. The taggers will not disappear with amalgamation, but we will be closer to a more effective ability to control them.

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