Sunday, October 4, 2009

Victoria's Regional Crime Team (does not include Victoria!)

The police in Victoria and the West Shore are no longer part of a Regional Crime Team. They cite costs as the main issue.

It is not necessary to outline how criminals view Victoria as we all do, one city. Breaking into a home in Victoria and then in Saanich can occur without any thought as to the border at all. However issues like this make Greater Victoria just that much better a place for criminals. We are a mecca for professionals, retirees and of course criminals. Given that it is just a little bit easier here than in say Calgary, to break up the locations where you commit crime so that you might not be caught as easily has to make Victoria a little more attractive to the criminal element.

An amalgamated city would not have these issues. We would not need a “Regional Crime Unit”. The police would do their job, communicate among themselves, as most of us do in any organization and get the job done.

We pay a heavy price for the privilege to have so many governments in our small area and it just got heavier.

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