Sunday, October 4, 2009

Major Infrastructure issues screwed up due to lack of amalgamation

Major infrastructure issues are potentially being screwed up due to a lack of amalgamation in the area.

The ongoing issues over sewage continue to cause significant unrest.
The CRD is trying to develop a plan for everyone, but as they are not elected they cannot make a decision in the best interests of all. As a result, Langford and Colwood will do something else on their own. The West Shore is frustrated with the way the CRD makes decisions.

The CRD points out there are complex regulations and statutes to be complied with. Meetings of the CRD are said to contain some “rancor”.

The city of Victoria plans to pursue the most expensive infrastructure program in its history, the replacement of the Blue Bridge at a huge cost.

The Blue Bridge is not simply “Victoria’s”. IT is an icon for the region. Look to the north from the legislature and the Blue Bridge is the most identifiable and interesting landmark you can see. It is as much a reflection of the capital as the legislature or the Empress.

The Bridge also allows for access to Esquimalt and to a lesser extent, other points west. The idea of making it a toll bridge is great until one realizes that it will just punish downtown businesses.

The Bridge is a regional facility, which benefits the region. The region should be part of the decision making on what is to occur and help carry the cost.
Should be move the decision process to the CRD then? Given the sewage problems, clearly not.

In one case we have a regional issue that the region cannot work together on.

In the other case we have a regional issue that no one else is allowed to work on.

Both issues point to the urgent need to amalgamate our city so the best decisions for the benefit of us all can be sought and implemented.

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