Sunday, November 15, 2009

Victoria considers giving Quadra a HOV lane (up to Sannich)

Victoria is looking at the "big-city" idea of making one of the lanes of Quadra into a HOV lane to encourage people to use the bus or car-pool.

Yet there was no indication that Saanich is even being considered in this. Recognizing that Victoria only controls Quadra Street up to Tolmie Avenue, it would be pointless to have an HOV lane only halfway up the street.

The fact that only one city is looking at ideas like this, or even that one city has to then convince another city that they should also cooperate, results in poor government.

If an HOV lane is a good idea, we should have one government considering it and deciding if it should be implemented.

Good government is one unified government which would consider issues like this, in the best interests of us all. That is something we do not have.

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