Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweeping drug bust across Greater Victoria

Sounds like the police did a good job recently. They coordinated searches at the same time in Esquimalt, Victoria and the West Shore.

To do so, they had to get members of the:
1. Victoria Police,
2. The Regional Crime Unit,
3. Saanich Police,
4. Westshore RCMP,
5. RCMP Drug Section,
6. Military Police and
7. Both Emergency Response Teams from Greater Victoria.

Now while it is commendable that they were able to get all seven entities to work together in three municipalities, one has to wonder: Would this not have been easier to have been implemented with one regional police force?

Success on this endeavour is not the point. The fact that they had to call upon the resources of seven different groups raises significant possibilities of error. At a minimum it is clear that resources must have been wasted in coordinating and bringing in the different groups.

Citizens would feel much safer to have read that the Regional Police force made sweeping drug busts.

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