Monday, May 25, 2009

Sewage – The Outfall of which should be Amalgamation

The news again, as it will for some time, focused on the CRD and sewage. Remember that the CRD is making decisions on the biggest issue ever considered by the region and the residents of the area did not even elect these people to the CRD.

However the point is that the current proposal is for tow facilities, which will still result in raw sewage during heavy rainfall. This will be alleviated in the future when something more is built at Clover Point. This delay, “would allow the CRD to urge municipalities to fix their broken and leaky underground pipes.”

This is another ridiculous situation. Why would the CRD have to urge itself to do anything? It has to because we have 13 separate municipalities under the CRD. The fact is, whatever needs to be done, or not done, should simply be taken on or dismissed by THE city. The politicians of a city are elected to make decisions in the best interests of the citizens as a whole. We do not need the CRD to urge its own members to fix what is broken.

I also noted that the plan is now for a West Shore treatment plant in 2025. In the interim their sewage would be pumped to Esquimalt. No comment was noted from anyone in the West Shore. I take it they will be happy with this and can feel satisfied that their big stink over one large centre in Colwood was successful in eliminating that backyard. What of Esquimalt though?

Also, what of their threat to pull out all together? Perhaps the West Shore will pump sewage to Esquimalt for the next ten years and then say we will go on our own, or perhaps then the ideal land will be too developed to be used in that area.

This issue alone, should rally everyone to say that it only makes sense that a unified city or three would be best suited to undertake and manage these issues into the future.

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