Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mayors want a review of Transit

We have poor communication between BC Transit management and the Victoria Regional Transit Commission.

One suggestion by Mayor Leonard is to put the control of transit in the hands of the CRD.

There are concerns that BC Transit is spending money locally on land without local input and spending money on expensive reports for Greater Victoria.

I would suggest that an amalgamated city would simply take over and provide its own Transit system, just like Winnipeg Transit, and then there would be no communication issues and any spending would be directly controlled and be the responsibility of the people we elect to counsel.

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Anonymous said...

Do some research. TTC (Toronto) and OC Transpo (Ottawa) both run their own bus systems. Both FAIL miserably at this. It costs the City of Ottawa millions to run this and it is inefficient at best. At the cost of all taxpayers, mind you. You can't cherry pick which city you think can run a better transit system than BC Transit and use that as an example to amalgamate.