Sunday, September 18, 2011

Garbage Collection

Nothing reminds us more about the purpose of municipal services than garbage collection.

So Victoria is now doing a survey of their residents to see what they want to do about it. Of course this also ties into recycling which is another form of garbage collection. Dean Fortin wants to get organics out of the waste stream.

In all of this Fortin is quoted as saying the biggest issue at the CRD is whether it is a private sector service of a public sector service. Seems we have both in our cities. Some people have backyard pick up some do not. There are different services in different areas.

This is not right. No one can convincingly say that the people of Saanich want something different than those in Colwood. There will be some in both areas who want what the other has. The reality is that we all live in the same area; we dump our waste in the same water and landfill. If we move five miles to a different house we should expect to get the same service we had before.
Whether it is private or public, there must be a cost savings to having the same service in the whole region. If not the whole region, at least the four core municipalities and the WestShore.

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Ben said...

Victoria can be a bit weird with things like this. I live on the edge of Victoria and Saanich. Our library and community centre down the road are in Saanich. Like I said, it's weird.