Friday, June 12, 2009

View Royal Resident needs Esquimalt to act, in order to minimise problems created by Saanich

Saanich is proceeding to replace the wooden bridge on Admirals Road. To do so they will close the bride to all but local traffic.

The sad part of this is that the people concerned about how the potential problems are being addressed live in View Royal. It is View Royal residents that use the bridge daily. A suggestion has been made, that to alleviate the resulting problems with diverted traffic, the lights at Craigflower and Tillicum could be improved with a left-turn signal.
However that intersection is in Esquimalt.

Saanich plans to “pass on the concerns” to Esquimalt.

So here we have one bridge being closed in Saanich, which significantly affects those in View Royal, but which needs Esquimalt to spend money to assist in minimizing the resulting problems.

Right now the citizens in View Royal have no right to say or do anything about the situation. Esquimalt has no obligation to do anything and likely will not. Saanich can proceed and ignore the effect of the closure on anyone outside of the municipality.

Clearly this is a situation, which would be best addressed by one city dealing with the issue in a unified way.

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