Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cars must stop at municipal boarders

We now have the start of what could become a boarder patrol. I am kidding, but it is the logical result of the way we are heading.

Saanich has voted to not let electric cars (slower ones anyway) be used on the street. However, they are legal in Oak Bay, Esquimalt and Colwood. So as I drive my electric car up Tillicum, I must stop at the Gorge Bridge. Oak Bay residents will not be as lucky to have such a defined boarder stop. They will have to just know when to hit the breaks and not go any further down the street once they hit an invisible line.

This shows again the silliness of having multiple jurisdictions in such a small area. The CRD even went to the effort of spending our money and resources, to draft a suggested bylaw for the local municipalities to pass. Some did some did not. Why do we have the CRD doing work that may or may not be used by municipalities?

If a car is legal in a couple of areas, it has to be legal in all. Any other result is simply unacceptable to all of us who live here together.

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