Sunday, October 9, 2011

Arts Funding - We all need it

Only eight of our 13 municipalities contribute to the CRD arts funding. Sooke, Langford, Colwood, Central Saanich and North Saanich do not. Apparently this is because they think their citizens do not use the arts which are focused mainly on the downtown.

What a crock. I have seen people who live in Sooke at many arts events. Remember, many even work in Victoria. Do they seriously think that their residents do not go to concerts or plays? Do none of them enjoy the Symphony?

The real point is that we live here, in Greater Victoria, not just due to the weather and the beauty, but due to all the benefits the region provides. Were Langford located 100 miles away from the rest of us, I assure you it would not be anything like it is now. It would be Youbou (maybe Port Renfrew).

Good government would flow from amalgamation and such a government could consider what the arts bring to the region, not just to the back pocket of one small area. We should all contribute and we should all benefit, which we will through having a better place to live.


Dave Killion said...

"Local governments that spend money on arts funding have to choose between higher property taxes, or providing less funding for things like schools, roads, and policing. Those local governments that make the right choices are rewarded, and the others suffer the consequences. Legh is obviously unaware that what he thinks is a liability is actually a benefit. More local governments equals more freedom."

James said...

I'm against amalgamation. Even the CRD as it exists right now is largely superfluous & unnecessary. My own municipality (Sidney) contributes to arts funding through the CRD... and also continues some arts funding directly itself. Those 5 municipalities you mention are actually doing the right thing by not paying into the CRD fund. They take care of it themselves.

Kiki said...

The question of amalgamation is never easy. New Westminster has chosen not to amalgamate....and there are more police handing out tickets than I have ever seen...They have to earn the money to run their department. Some resources can be amalgamated without amalgamating everything.