Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garbage waits while different Governments ponder

Garbage waits while different Governments ponder

Saanich and Victoria are thinking of changing their garbage collection service. Yet they are waiting to decide what to do. Why? Because the CRD is making changes too and they deal with recycling while the cities deal with garbage.

Simple issues, complex decision making. Certainly the issues should be fully reviewed and decisions thoughtfully made, but clearly, having different levels of government and different municipalities in such close proximity dealing with the same issues is well, poor government.

These are important issues for municipalities. The idea that there are 14 different entities in our area all having to consider the issues and all having potentially different resolutions, is simply untenable, a waste of time and resources. Would it not make more sense for one entity to consider the issues, debate as required and implement the best model for the “city.”

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