Thursday, September 10, 2009

Toll for the Blue Bridge?

There has been a comment made by some that Victoria might have to set up a toll to pay for a replacement of the Blue Bridge.

The comment makes perfect sense given our municipal make up. In fact there should be tolls all along the Oak Bay boarder as well. If they do not want to pay they should not play.

But realistically, we cannot put up tolls for the very reason that we are one city. Downtown needs everyone to come to it to survive. A toll would be a significant disadvantage to Victoria itself. While it is more than appropriate to have a toll if no other municipality is going to help pay for the bridge, to do so would have far too much of a negative impact on Victoria.

The sad part is that it is even considered. It is considered because we are not working as one, towards a common goal. Clearly a bridge is helpful to everyone in the region. It allows emergency services to get where they are needed. It allows people to travel to see a play or visit family and friends.

It is extremely irritating to consider that this issue, which has a significant impact on every one of us, will not be debated by twelve of the municipalities.
Only one small fraction of our region will decide if and how this icon, that we all know and have a stake in, will be changed. That must be frustrating if you care about Greater Victoria.

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